[Samba] Report to Sender

iAccess/Mail/SPower iAccess/Mail/SPower at spower.com.sg
Thu Mar 10 11:10:06 GMT 2005

Incident Information:-

Database:   d:/lotus/domino/data/mail1.box
Originator: samba at samba.org
Recipients: sphraprc at spower.com.sg
Subject:    Mail Delivery (failure sphraprc at spower.com.sg)
Date/Time:  10/03/2005 07:10:01 PM

This is a system-generated notification from Singapore Power Ltd.
Your message sent to sphraprc at spower.com.sg has been filtered because it
contains either virus attachment or attachment that is potentially unsafe.
However, if you did not send this particular mail, please note that your
email address may have been spoofed, or forged by the recent
email-propagating virus. Therefore please ignore this notification and we
apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Important: If your attachment is work related, kindly contact
securityadmin at singaporepower.com.sg for assistance.
Thank You

 Our email addresses have been changed from abc at spower.com.sg to                        
 abc at singaporepower.com.sg. Kindly update your address book.                            
 This is a confidential message intended for the named recipient only. The contents     
 herein are privileged to the sender and the use thereof is restricted to the intended  
 purpose. If you have received this e-mail in error, please secure its contents and     
 reply to the sender.                                                                   

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