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Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Wed Mar 9 22:20:02 GMT 2005

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Hi you can take total control of offline folders behavior with
win xp is different in many ways ...i note that a simple redirect
of "my_files" causes a offline folder behavior ( i think this should be
a feature not a bug ) , i got out off all this problems with poledit.exe
and ntconfig.pol and some special adms.
Good Luck

Ron Bookman schrieb:
| AndyLiebman at aol.com writes:
|> _ronloxton at rogers.com_ (mailto:ronloxton at rogers.com)   writes:
|> All:
|> Not sure if this is an XP Pro issue or a  samba issue.
|> I am running v3.0.3 of the samba server  acting as a Domain
|> controller and file server. The problem that I run into  is that every
|> once
|> in a while, while connected to the network the network  shares go
|> offline.
|> I am running XP Pro SP2 and I am not  really sure where to start to
|> troubleshoot  this.
|> I wrote in about a similar thing just yesterday. We're using Samba
|> 3.02 on
|> about 40 Linux servers and our users are complaining about the same
|> thing once
|> in a while. Really only on a few machines. But the symptom is there.
|> Seems to
|> happen more with SP2 than it happened with SP1 -- but that's not a
|> scientific  observation.
|> In a couple of cases, we could see in the /var/log/messages that the
|> "link
|> beat" was being lost continually. Replacing cables and switches
|> between Server
|> and Client got rid of that problem (we don't know which element was
|> causing
|> the  problem, but making everything new fixed it).
|> But a few other users are still complaining about these random
|> disconnections and we are not sure either how to troubleshoot. We have
|> asked  users to
|> carefully document exactly when the disconnections occur -- and on
|> what machine
|> and subnet -- so that we can look for clues in the logs. But so far,
|> nothing
|> in the logs is sticking out. Not all machines on a given pathway from
|> Server
|> to Client disconnect at the same time -- so unless it's a "last cable"
|> problem
|> it's not likely to be a hardware issue.
|> BTW, we're running the 2.6.6 kernel on a mainly Mandrake distribution.
|> Hopefully, somebody who reads these postings will have a clue or two.
|> Regards,
|> Andy Liebman
|> --
| I also asked about this back in January...googles and searches through
| the archives turned up several people with the same issue, but not a
| resolution.
| I believe it's a Samba issue, mainly because the problem didn't appear
| until I retired our old Samba v2 server and migrated to a new Samba
| 3.0.7 one. The only solution I've been able to come with is disabling
| offline files...and of course, our president's laptop was one of the
| machines affected. Some machines took longer to become problematic than
| others and a few are still trouble-free....and I can't find any settings
| that make a difference. I don't know if SP2 is an issue or not, since
| all our XP (Pro) machines were patched with SP2 prior to doing the Samba
| upgrade.
| Good luck!
| Ron Bookman

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