[Samba] XP Pro and offline files

AndyLiebman at aol.com AndyLiebman at aol.com
Wed Mar 9 19:16:16 GMT 2005

_ronloxton at rogers.com_ (mailto:ronloxton at rogers.com)   writes:


Not sure if this is an XP Pro issue or a  samba issue.

I am running v3.0.3 of the samba server  acting as a Domain
controller and file server. The problem that I run into  is that every once
in a while, while connected to the network the network  shares go offline.

I am running XP Pro SP2 and I am not  really sure where to start to
troubleshoot  this.

I wrote in about a similar thing just yesterday. We're using Samba 3.02 on  
about 40 Linux servers and our users are complaining about the same thing once  
in a while. Really only on a few machines. But the symptom is there. Seems to 
 happen more with SP2 than it happened with SP1 -- but that's not a 
scientific  observation. 
In a couple of cases, we could see in the /var/log/messages that the "link  
beat" was being lost continually. Replacing cables and switches between Server  
and Client got rid of that problem (we don't know which element was causing 
the  problem, but making everything new fixed it). 
But a few other users are still complaining about these random  
disconnections and we are not sure either how to troubleshoot. We have asked  users to 
carefully document exactly when the disconnections occur -- and on what  machine 
and subnet -- so that we can look for clues in the logs. But so far,  nothing 
in the logs is sticking out. Not all machines on a given pathway from  Server 
to Client disconnect at the same time -- so unless it's a "last cable"  problem 
it's not likely to be a hardware issue. 
BTW, we're running the 2.6.6 kernel on a mainly Mandrake distribution. 
Hopefully, somebody who reads these postings will have a clue or two. 
Andy Liebman

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