[Samba] Logon script

Jan Kellerhoff kelly at visthetic.com
Wed Mar 9 17:17:13 GMT 2005

Collen wrote:

> Hmm, not quite true..
> you can configure windows not to be able to use regedit, or to modify
> your registry! so useing regedit to modify your registry will not
> always work this way..
> also logon scripts are not alway's batch files. we use VBS for
> example, but you can also use kix..!
> windows simply executes the file from the logon script. !! so makeing,
> lets say an exe with vb would also work, or startingup an aplication!!
> the only nice way is indeed poledit, or to have an update service
> running as admin in the background!!
> NT recource kit provides good registry altering tools! you could use
> that as well..
> Have fun..
> Collen.
> Nathan Vidican wrote:
>> Logon scripts are supposed to be msdos batch files, check
>> documentation on
>> regedit, but you should be able to do a line something like this:
>> C:\windows\regedit.exe \\server\name\dir\someregimports.reg
>> You'll need to figure out how to get regedit NOT to display a warning
>> before
>> it changes the registry or imports the file - check help, documentation,
>> google on that one.
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>> Hi, i'm having roubles with samba as PDC, i want to modify some registry
>> keys (relates with windows update) in  XP & 2000 clients. I've tryed
>> logons
>> scripts but  it seems that i don have enough permissions to do that,
>> so i
>> tried to do a ntconfig.pol but when the client logs on domain y just
>> get the
>> file
>> (ntconfig.pol) and any changes are made.
>> So how can i modify windows registry keys?
>> Thanks
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There is the issue with permissions, but you may use cpau.exe it is like
"runas " but more features, then run it as the local system account.
It works fine, here is an example like I used it.
For the systemaccountpassword enter an empty space....

%windir%\system32\cpau -u localhost\system -p  -ex "reg DELETE
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v Information Update /f"


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