[Samba] windows /bat script question

Alexander Lazarevich alazarev at itg.uiuc.edu
Wed Mar 9 16:50:58 GMT 2005

Subject isn't exactly samba, but samba people usually know a lot about 
windows bat scripting. Here's my problem:

Currently our domain login script is doing this (among other things):

ifmember.exe "WINDOWS-DOMAIN\Projects"
if errorlevel 1 ( net use p: \\server1\projects )

This works fine. The problem is I'm moving the projects storage to a 
different server called server 2 (which is linux running samba 3, so it 
is samba related somewhat). The logic I need is:

If p: is on server 1, remove the persistant share \\server1\projects, then 
if p: does not exist, create a persistant share p: \\server2\projects.

Sounds easy enough, but I have no idea how to test if a share is on a 
particular remote server. I'm trying "if exist \\server1\projects", but 
that doesn't work the way I want it as scripts seem to only understand the 
local drive letter names, not the remote names. I could try to spit out 
the contents of "net use p:" to a file, then parse out the remote name 
string, and compare that, but that seems like a hard way to accomplish it 
and I don't want the script parsing out stuff during a login. There's got 
to be an easier way.

I could also just always remove the p:, then mount it from server2. But 
that adds an extra /delete every single time someone logs on, I'd prefer 
not to do that. I only want to /delete p: if p: is remote server1, not if 
it's remote server 2.

Anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance,


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