[Samba] Logon script

Collen collen at zeist.hermanjordan.nl
Thu Mar 10 00:20:06 GMT 2005

Hmm, not quite true..
you can configure windows not to be able to use regedit, or to modify 
your registry! so useing regedit to modify your registry will not always 
work this way..

also logon scripts are not alway's batch files. we use VBS for example, 
but you can also use kix..!
windows simply executes the file from the logon script. !! so makeing, 
lets say an exe with vb would also work, or startingup an aplication!!

the only nice way is indeed poledit, or to have an update service 
running as admin in the background!!
NT recource kit provides good registry altering tools! you could use 
that as well..

Have fun..

Nathan Vidican wrote:
> Logon scripts are supposed to be msdos batch files, check documentation on
> regedit, but you should be able to do a line something like this:
> C:\windows\regedit.exe \\server\name\dir\someregimports.reg
> You'll need to figure out how to get regedit NOT to display a warning before
> it changes the registry or imports the file - check help, documentation,
> google on that one.
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> Hi, i'm having roubles with samba as PDC, i want to modify some registry
> keys (relates with windows update) in  XP & 2000 clients. I've tryed logons
> scripts but  it seems that i don have enough permissions to do that, so i
> tried to do a ntconfig.pol but when the client logs on domain y just get the
> file
> (ntconfig.pol) and any changes are made.
> So how can i modify windows registry keys?
> Thanks
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