[Samba] One machine be the LMB in two diferent subnets

Dani Camps danicamps81 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 9 14:53:37 GMT 2005

Imagine I have a machine with two NICs each one in a
diferent subnet ( and,
the NICs are the .1 address in each subnet. In that
machine I run samba 3.0.10, and I listen in both
interfaces. Then I assure that samba is the local
master browser adjusting the correspondent parameters.
Is then samba the local master browser in both subnets

And if I say that samba is a DMB, then is the DMB in
both subnets or there is only one DMB ?

Or maybe I need to run two different instances of
samba one listening only in one interface to make that
machine be the LMB of the two subnets ?

I really need a tip with this.

Thanks !

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