[Samba] Roaming Profiles and Mapped Drives

Collen collen at zeist.hermanjordan.nl
Wed Mar 9 17:12:56 GMT 2005

Hmm, try a higher verion of samba first, coz 3.02 is from the early stages..
could you send some part of the log file, coz it might be a permission 
thing, or maybe the drive letters are already used in the profile it 
self ? or some other thing.
try logging in without the logonscript (where the drives get mapped), 
then you can see if the letters are already used..
if not, try entering the net use command when you are logged in (without 
script), to see if it returns an error..


AndyLiebman at aol.com wrote:
> Hi, 
> I have a weird problem with a Linux  Server acting as a PDC with Samba 3.02. 
> If I map a particular Samba  share as the "Z" drive -- and I use roaming 
> profiles with a logon.bat script --  the share will NEVER automatically reconnect 
> when logging on again. This happens  100 percent of the time. 
> And now the same thing seems to be happening  for any shared mapped as the 
> "M" drive. 
> Using any other letter for any  share works fine -- the mapped share always 
> comes back as the same drive letter  with each subsequent logon. 
> Any ideas what could be causing this? It was  no big deal to tell my users to 
> NOT use the letter "Z" -- that's an easy  workaround. But now things are 
> getting messy if there's another letter that  can't be used. 
> Andy Liebman  

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