[Samba] mac osx : files automatically renamed

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Wed Mar 9 08:05:28 GMT 2005

Matthew Easton wrote:

>  > On a Linux server (Mandrake 10 distribution), I installed Samba server
>>  3.0.10.
>>  The clients are all Mac OS X 10.3
>>  Word files are automatically renamed when the user save the file.
>>  Does someone already heard about this weirdness ?
>>  Thanks
>>      Stéphane
>Some example renames may help.  I'm betting the issue is related to handling
>of certain characters like / ? ! " and accents in Macintosh versus Windows
>file naming conventions.  Or perhaps the Mandrake box and the Macintosh
>clients have different nationalization settings.

Alternatively, Microsoft do some 'interesting' 
things when saving files, and I've seen a number 
of oddly named files left lying around on 
fileservers (mostly Netatalk though) as a result 
of Word having problems saving files.


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