[Samba] Samba Auto-Reconnect to XP PC Fails

jikil at midco.net jikil at midco.net
Wed Mar 9 00:23:49 GMT 2005

I'm having a problem with a samba connection failing to reconnect.

I have 2 Linux servers that have a local share mounted on an XP 
workstation. The purpose is to enable jobs running on the server to 
access files on the XP workstation.

The problem is that if the workstation is rebooted, the share for one of 
the servers auto-reconnects while the other does not.

To illustrate:
Linux Server A (Debian "woody") is running Samba 2.2.12
Linux Server B (Debian "sarge") is running Samba 3.0.10

Start with both server shares mounted, all is well, running "ls -al" 
shows the contents of the share on the XP workstation.

Now reboot the Xp workstation.

Run  "ls -al /mnt/xpdrive" on each server, the ls hangs while waiting 
for the connection to resestablish.

The XP workstation comes back online.

Server A (2.2.12) reconnects and the "ls" finishes and displays the XP 
listing as expected.

Server B (3.0.10) never reconnects and the "ls" continues to hang.

Trying an smbumount also hangs, but running umount as root will drop the 
mount point and a subsequent smbmount reconnects to the XP workstation 
just fine.

I've compared the smb.conf files between the two server and all options 
are the same.  Both servers are in the same subnet, same WINS server.

Any suggestions?  Known problems with 3.0.10?

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