[Samba] Re: Unable to set ACLs with Samba 3.0.11, near publication deadline

Thomas Boutell boutell at boutell.com
Tue Mar 8 21:59:38 GMT 2005

Anybody have a roadkill cookbook?

Because I have some crow to eat, and I'm not sure how best
to prepare it. Sigh.

I didn't have writable = yes set on the share. The fact that smbcacls 
didn't work (and still doesn't work!) blinded me to this more obvious
issue. Once I set writable = yes, of course, I was able to change
acls from a true Windows client... which was of course my
actual goal. I'd created my test files in advance on the Linux
side, so the no-write-permissions-at-all issue wasn't obvious at
any other time.

Thanks for the attention you gave to the matter. Next time, if I'm
not able to spot the issue myself, I'll be sure to include my
*entire* smb.conf in the report.

Thomas Boutell
Boutell.Com, Inc. 

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