[Samba] Unable to set ACLs with Samba 3.0.11, near publication deadline

smc+samba at dogphilosophy.net smc+samba at dogphilosophy.net
Tue Mar 8 18:31:55 GMT 2005

I'd be interested in finding out whatever information comes of your query as 
well - I think I'm running into the same limitations.

In short, I've added a Samba file sharing server to an existing 
"ActiveDirectory" domain.  It seems to work fine, except that the Windows 
administrator there is complaining about the "chunky" permissions scheme (he 
can't revoke "part of" the write access in the Windows security tab for the 
share - any "write" box checked ends up coming back as "full access" on 
update, I presume because it's just being mapped to the *nix "write" 
permission rather than enforcing the more fine-grained permissions which I 
gathered should have been stored as extended attributes...)

Is the capability to support the Windows permissions model new in 3.0.11 or

On Monday 07 March 2005 07:04 pm, Thomas Boutell wrote:
> Hello, Jeremy and Jerry,
> I met both of you at LinuxWorld in Boston, where I learned tons and tons
> of great stuff from your presentations.
> I'm writing on deadline for publication and would really, really, really
> like to show off Samba's ability to map NT ACLs to POSIX ACLs. But right
> now, I can't make them work. I've spent some time on the Samba list
> trying to make this work, but haven't received much of a response. I'm
> also CC'ing David Sonenberg who has reported the same or a similar problem
> in well documented emails to the samba list.
> I've made the effort to pull together as much information about
> my configuration as possible in the hopes that we can nail down
> this bug, or user error, or whatever it turns out to be in time
> to write great things about Samba's abilities in this area.
> Thank you!

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