[Samba] security = ads or domain

ankush grover ankushmailing at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 13:27:23 GMT 2005

hey friends,

I have 2 problems in samba I am narrating my problems below:

a)  I have configured samba with security =ads in FC3 workstation and
my domain controller is windows 2003  ,the samba is working fine with
the configured options.As my domain consists of windows ,linux and
unix clients  and few of the users uses windows as well as Linux or
Unix each user having its different machines.

Now i want the users which uses both Linux/Unix and windows should be
able to see their home directories and other folders through
windows.Just like a normal  configured samba as File server and users
frm the network neighbourhood can see their home directories and other

Is it possible if the security = ads is setup and if then a user wants
to see his/her home directories and other folders from the windows.I
have created a directory for my domain in home folder and if any users
who is first time logging its directory is created under

If it is possible then please let me know.

b)  I have setup the linux box (FC3) with samba with security = domain and
password server = s1.sun.com(internal).The domain controller is
Windows 2003 and my system is FC3 server.

I have created one folder in which i have created some
directories.There are different types of users in  my company some in
development, some in administration , som e in top management.I have
created some folders in which users can put their data to share among
their colleagues or team.

What happens is that when somebody clicks on samba server all the
folders which i have explicitly mentioned in the smb.conf are shown
.Whereas what i want is that only those folders should come when the
user access the samba server on which he has the right to access it.

Suppose james is a user having access rights on folders cpms, manager.
Now when he clicks on the samba server he sees his home directory
where he can put his data, a cpms folder which is shared among the
other development team members(have set it with suid) and manager(have
set it this also with suid) and all other folders (specified in
smb.conf) on which he does not have the rights.He can't access those
folders  in which he don't have the rights but i don't want to show
the james those folders on which he does not have any kind of right.

Ideally is should be when james accesses the samba server he should
see his home directory,his cpms and manager folder nothing else.So
that he should know that he can access and only have access to these

I tried with u% variable but this variable works for only primary
group not for secondary group.I hope that many of u have faced the
same problem.

Please anyone of you can give me solution.

Thanks in advance .



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