R: R: [Samba] local users in domain member security.

Meli Marco Marco.Meli at gknsintermetals.com
Tue Mar 8 13:20:49 GMT 2005

I have installed a dos client with WFW network, I have insert these
parameters in the system.ini file:
but an error occured, it's said that the specified name is already used for
a machine, just my samba machine.So I have try to use the reality domain and
with net use command I have try to connect to the share:
	net use f: \\sambapc\data , it asked me the password and answer me
that the access is denied but with smbclient it works.
It's probably the password mode accross the network wrong I have an smb.conf
configured as domain security and so encryptpasswod = yes?
This is necessary for the others users that have to authenticate by ADS.
It is possible?
Thanks again.

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> Meli Marco wrote:
> | it works but I would like to ask you how can I translate
> | the same situation for my ms dos client, maybe I have to insert
> | workgroup = sambamachine instead of domain name?
> | Practically they aren't domain users but localy users isn't
> | it?Or I'm wrong?
> That would work, but probably mess up browsing.
> You could try setting
> 	auth methods = guest sam_ignoredomain winbind:ntdomain
> in smb.conf to make smbpasswd ignore the domain specified for
> the user and only look at the username.
> cheers, jerry
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