[Samba] Problems with file names

Márcio Oliveira marcio.oliveira at pamcary.com.br
Tue Mar 8 11:36:38 GMT 2005


   I have a Samba server working on my LAN and it have some problems 
with some characters in the file name, eg.


   In the Linux console, the file name is displayed like this:

[root at oliveira teste]# ls
[root at oliveira teste]#

   But in Samba share, the file name is displayed like this:


   Any ideia about how can I fix it to show the correct name in the 
Samba share?

smb.conf configuration (withou this configuration, I have the same 
problem and some others one):

        character set = iso8859-1
        client code page = 850
        valid chars = áÁéÉíÍóÓúÚâÂêÊôÔãÃõÕàÀòÒ:;

PS: I believe that is caused by the ":" because long file names are 
displayed correctly, but the files need ":" in the name.

Thank's a lot.

Márcio Oliveira
PAMSIST - Unidade de Serviços, Informações, Sistemas e Tecnologia.
Pamcary Sistemas de Gerenciamento de Riscos.
55 11 3889-1376

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