[Samba] Sharing an nfs mounted directory from two different samba servers?

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Tue Mar 8 10:12:25 GMT 2005

Luca Olivetti wrote:
> Due to the problems I experienced switching my users to a new server, 
> I'd like now to migrate only some workstations at a time.
> Since they all have to work on the same files, I though of nfs mounting 
> the new server disk on the old one, so the old server would be sharing 
> the nfs mounted directory while the new one would be sharing the same 
> directory but from its own disk.
> Is this an acceptable plan or am I going to have issues with 
> locking/oplocks?

I made a simple test.
Server A has nfs mounted a directory of server B.
If I'm using server B I can see that accessing a file from A modifies 
the oplocks on server B.
Viceversa if I'm using server A, accessing a file from B doesn't 
propagate the oplock change to A :-(
Any suggestion?

Luca Olivetti
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