[Samba] Command tests work but can't browse the network

Jonathan Ryshpan jonrysh at pacbell.net
Tue Mar 8 09:12:32 GMT 2005

I am a Samba newbie who has just set up a Samba server running under
Fedora Core 3 and a client running under Win 98.  Any attempt to see the
network from "Network Neighborhood" or from "Windows Explorer" fails
with the error box:

        Unable to browse the network
        The network is not accessible
        For more information ...
I have run all the tests in the HOWTO section:
up to and including the last two:
	C:\WINDOWS>net use x: \\claremont\TMP
on the client, which does, in fact make the device x: on my client
equivalent to /tmp on my server, and
        $ nmblookup -M MYGROUP
        querying MYGROUP on MYGROUP<1d>
on the server, which looks OK.

Nevertheless (to repeat) attempts to browse the network from "Network
Neighborhood" or from "Windows Explorer" all fail.

Is my installation of Win 98 broken?  Should I reinstall?  What's going
Jonathan Ryshpan <jonrysh at pacbell.net>
Berkeley Linux Team

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