[Samba] Share Permissions Management problems

Marshall Herington mherington at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 18:14:14 GMT 2005

We're running SAMBA on a RedHat ES 3.0 server (SAMBA v3.0.9-1.3E2) as
a PDC.  In attempting to use the procedures outlined in the HOWTOs
(aka TOSHARG), entitled "Share Permissions Management", I'm running
into a frustrating problem:

Using either the SVRMGR.EXE NT resource kit application or the
Computer Management MMC in 2k/XP, I get the following error upon
trying to set permissions on any share:

"The specified path is invalid."

Looking at the Share Properties dialog in SVRMGR.EXE, I see that the
share path is "C:\files\user".  I'm guessing it's the "C:\" part that
is throwing things off - the location on the filesystems is simply
/directory/user, shared via samba as:

comment = Network Storage
path = /files/user
browseable = yes
writeable = yes

The same error shows up when using the 2K/XP MMC.

I see no mention of a workaround in the mailing lists or in the
published TOSHARG, and I'm stumped.  Any suggestions or insight on the
matter would be greatly appreciated - especially workarounds or an
alternate method of setting the permissions for a share.


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