[Samba] Remote browse sync, wins, problems...

Marco Felettigh marco at nucleus.it
Mon Mar 7 17:17:35 GMT 2005

I have the same problem.
Network A  WG: SEDE
Network B	 WG: REMOTO

On each network x.1 is a master browser and domain master browser.
Wins is enabled.

smb.conf in :
remote browse sync =
remote announce =

smb.conf in :
remote browse sync =
remote announce =


The syncronisation is ok 
sync with for workgroup ... completed (9 records)
and in the other way i have the same response but i can only view the 
workgroup SEDE and REMOTO but not the client inside.

In browse.dat i can view the 2 master browser.
In wins.dat i can view the clients in my workgroup.

Eg: from a client in SEDE i can view computers in my workgroup and the REMOTO 
workgroup but not the client of REMOTO.
Any suggestion?


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