[Samba] windows cache erasure in order to re-login

tasos tas0s at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 7 16:42:42 GMT 2005

Hello people.Suppose host a is a samba server and host
b is a windows 2k machine.If i use
\\mysambaserver\(from 2k) i can login in my home
directory(with the correct username and pass).
If i try again to access \\mysambaserver\ my home dir
still exists.
How can i erase it so i can use \\mysambaserver\ and
get the login dialog box?
I don't want to erase,just to clear the cache so after
\\mysambaserver\ i will have to re-login.
A second question is how can i use the mysql backend
in Slackware 10?
What do i have to install?I heard about a library or
something simular.

Thank you in advanced!

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