[Samba] How to set netbios node type to Samba server

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Mon Mar 7 14:11:12 GMT 2005

I have 2 samba server. both server is multi homed server.

mostly same smb.conf.

First server, run on FreeBSD 5-Stable,and this machine
register two NetBIOS name to IP adress mapping to wins server.
And this machine is m-node.

Another server ,run on Linux,and this machine
register only one NetBIOS name to IP adderss mapping to wins server.
And this machine is h-node.

I have a question.

1) Why both server have differrent node type?

2) Why linux server only one mapping data to wins server?

3) Where does samba server setting netbios node type?

        client code page = 932
        netbios name = SAMBA3
#        interfaces = localhost
        interfaces = 210.xxx.yyy.zzz/29 localhost
        encrypt passwords = Yes
#        min password length = 1
#        printcap name = ulp
        os level = 20
        guest account = testuser
        valid users = aaa,bbb,ccc,ddd
        admin users = eee,fff
        printer admin =aaa,bbb,ccc,ddd
        printing = bsd
        print command = lpr -r -s -P%p %s
        nt acl support = yes
        map hidden = yes
        map system = yes
        wins server =

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