[Samba] are there known problems with NTConfig.POL with samba 3.11 ?

Collen collen at zeist.hermanjordan.nl
Mon Mar 7 17:25:26 GMT 2005

Hmm, i had something the same here (even before 3.0.11)
and i thought the permissions were fine also.
but they weren't.. try to set the world/global to RX..
or just make the user/group/world r-x.. then you know for sure it can be 
also, there is an option of updating the policy in poledit..
(automaticly or manual..)

well that's all the input i have..

Robert Schetterer wrote:
> Hi Jerry ,hi Sambatsitas,
> yesterday i installed a brand new ldap smb pdc with latest smb sources ( 
> all suse 9.2 ),
> and latest ldap scripts from idealx.( orginal source rpm )
> All work fine ( as far i testet it ). (Usrmgr was just wow..!)
> So at last i did a NTConfig.POL with poledit.exe for win xp serv Pack2 
> on the netlogon share.
> I used adm modified adm files and a other poledit cause
> system.adm ( winxp s.2 ) from orginal ms src with orginal ms poledit 
> didnt  loaded on my xp laptop,or on another XP workstation ( would be 
> another question why.. )
> But the exec NTConfig.POL failed for unknown reasons, the default logon 
> scipt ( also on netlogon )
> work just nice.( so there is no file permissions Problem etc) I cant see 
> a Problem at the samba log.., either in event service.
> My Testclient German Win xp SP2 ( with uptodate patchlevel ) is joining 
> domain  and login
> but it doesnt execute (load) the pol file...
> I have tried gpupdate force and other stuff, but didnt get closer to the 
> problem.
> I tried a  NTConfig.Pol file which works quite well in another domain 
> with win 2000 / xp serv pack1
> clients, but failed again.
> So are there known Problems to samba 3.11 or/and win xp serv pack 2 with
> NTConfig.POL?
> As i know some magic about policies i will try the setup again with a 
> brand new install Win XP Sp2 test client
> and try again...but before i wanna ask if somebody had/has simular 
> problems.
> Best Regards Robert

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