[Samba] hostnames resolve to wrong IPs - and sometimes shares become inaccessible

Rod Whitworth glisten at witworx.com
Mon Mar 7 05:21:03 GMT 2005

Environment: OpenBSD v 3.6 Release, Samba ver.: Samba 3.0.5
LAN:, Samba servers: 2 installed replacing workgroup peer shares
Windows version: XP Pro

History: The 2 Sambas were installed last year and appear to have operated well until recently. Client admin now 
reports that, after some time connected to a shared directory, searching for files results in a Win error message to 
the effect of: Cannot access s:\ - Access is denied. Rebooting the Windows box allows access again.

I cannot figure the possible cause except that WinXP was updated ~about~ the time the problems began. Need I 
say that they have no idea what function was affected by the update.

Accessing remotely I see some strange behaviour. Running smbtree results in several errors about not being able 
to connect to some addresses that are remote.

A snip of one message appears below:
        \\FIFTY                         Cosmo
Error connecting to (Invalid argument)
cli_full_connection: failed to connect to FIFTY<20> (

That machine should be at as shown by the nmblookup below:
# nmblookup fifty
creating lame upcase table
creating lame lowcase table
querying fifty on fifty<00>
I do not know if this is in any way connected because I had no reason to look at it before. I can connect, to the 
machines that throw errors in smbtree, using smbclient with the -I <IP address> option.

Are these conneccted?
What do I need to do to resolve the problem/s ?
More diagnostics needed?
Standing by.....

I have 2 other clients with the same platform and mixed win versions reporting no problems.

>From the land "down under": Australia.
Do we look <umop apisdn> from up over?


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