[Samba] file locking

Mitch (WebCob) mitch at webcob.com
Fri Mar 4 22:28:47 GMT 2005

> I think this is editor specific. I get the same warning in vi if I
> open the same file in vi. But say if I open one in vi then in gedit,
> the latter doesn't warn me. But If I change something in gedit and go
> back to vi, vi warns me that "the file has been changed since
> reading!"
[Mitch says:] Yeah - probably...

I just tried opening a file in joe that smbstatus shows active oplocks for -
it doesn't complain at all, from what I can see, I think some of the posix
land programs use flock, which isn't a real lock I guess, but sort of a
cooperative "advisory" lock...

So maybe the right question is "Does Samba use flock on files that are

If not by default, can it?

What would be bad about this?

We could hope for kernels and apps that all support oplocks - but that might
be much longer in coming...


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