[Samba] are there known problems with NTConfig.POL with samba 3.11 ? /solved

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Fri Mar 4 20:43:10 GMT 2005

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Hi @ll,
the policies were now loaded to the new installed full updated win xp
sp2  client.
So i booked it to the magics of windows software that this failed with
my testing laptop ( with real many stuff installed ),to your info
there is no bug anymore.
But as win xp has advanced settings in the adms possible, the simple
redirect of "my folder" produces a offline sync at default of this
folder, but this behavior can be killed with setting another entry in
the same adm with poledit.exe.
Best Regards

Robert Schetterer schrieb:
| Hi Jerry ,hi Sambatsitas,
| yesterday i installed a brand new ldap smb pdc with latest smb sources (
| all suse 9.2 ),
| and latest ldap scripts from idealx.( orginal source rpm )
| All work fine ( as far i testet it ). (Usrmgr was just wow..!)
| So at last i did a NTConfig.POL with poledit.exe for win xp serv Pack2
| on the netlogon share.
| I used adm modified adm files and a other poledit cause
| system.adm ( winxp s.2 ) from orginal ms src with orginal ms poledit
| didnt  loaded on my xp laptop,or on another XP workstation ( would be
| another question why.. )
| But the exec NTConfig.POL failed for unknown reasons, the default logon
| scipt ( also on netlogon )
| work just nice.( so there is no file permissions Problem etc) I cant see
| a Problem at the samba log.., either in event service.
| My Testclient German Win xp SP2 ( with uptodate patchlevel ) is joining
| domain  and login
| but it doesnt execute (load) the pol file...
| I have tried gpupdate force and other stuff, but didnt get closer to the
| problem.
| I tried a  NTConfig.Pol file which works quite well in another domain
| with win 2000 / xp serv pack1
| clients, but failed again.
| So are there known Problems to samba 3.11 or/and win xp serv pack 2 with
| NTConfig.POL?
| As i know some magic about policies i will try the setup again with a
| brand new install Win XP Sp2 test client
| and try again...but before i wanna ask if somebody had/has simular
| problems.
| Best Regards Robert

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