[Samba] Quickbooks files can't be shared w/ 3.0.11

Mitch (Bitblock) mitch at bitblock.com
Fri Mar 4 02:18:01 GMT 2005

> I tried:
> veto oplocks = /*.QBW/*.QBI/
> veto oplocks = /*.QBW/
[Mitch says:] ok - and that's evidence that I need more sleep...

The CORRECT statement is:
 veto oplock files = /*.QBW/*.QBI/

It works ok. Can someone confirm something for me? This doesn't prevent
LOCKING - right? Just opportunistic locking? Seeing the files sitting there
looking unlocked makes me nervous - seems to work though.

>From seeing some other notes, adding /*.mdb/ might be a good idea too.

Performance ponderance - is it better to say MDB or mdb?

The files seem to be named MDB / QBW - not sure if the real file is lower
cased for comparison, or if both sides are uppercased as nessecary (in which
case I save a step using the uppercase form....

thanks for the help!!!


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