[Samba] Re: [linux-cifs-client] Mounting directories below share level

Kenneth MacDonald K.MacDonald at ed.ac.uk
Thu Mar 3 21:28:23 GMT 2005

>>>>> "J" == J A Landamore <jal at mcs.le.ac.uk> writes:

    >> From my investigations, and searching the archives, it seems
    >> that smbfs can
    J> only mount shares, and not directories under the share

    J> i.e.

    J> smbmount //host/share /mnt works smbmount
    J> //host/share/directory /mnt doesn't work

MS call this "Deep Mapping".

    J> Our W2K3 server has user home directories in a tree where there
    J> are no user rights to the next node up the tree (level1), which
    J> is the directory on the share,

    J> i.e. //host/share/level1/user_home_directories

We've used to have that situation and had to give it up, so now
inheritance is blocked at the user's home directory and their rights
explicitly put on it again.  Messy.

    J> We need to directly mount
    J> //host/share/level1/user_home_directory on Linux clients, as we
    J> can do on 2000/XP clients.  Will linux_cifs give me that
    J> possibility?

MacOS can't do it either.  However, a possible server and client side
workaround could be to allow "traverse folder" rights on the folder
that's shared, and then do a "mount -o bind" on the client side to
where you want the real home directory to appear.

Hope that helps.



Desktop Services Team, EUCS.

University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

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