[Samba] Logon script

Torsten Wendav eagle-software at gmx.de
Thu Mar 3 09:06:34 GMT 2005

Hey everybody;

I've got a problem with a Windows 98 machine on my network. I use Samba as a
storage server with a folder for every user. To create network drives I use
a script that will be copied to the client and then executed whenever a
machine logs on to the domain.
So far everything works fine. The script is being executed on logon.
However, the network drive can never be found afterwards. The funny thing
about all this is that if I execute the same script on a client later on, it
creates the network drive just fine. I assume it has something to do with
the timing of the logon process and the creation of the network drive.

Has anybody experienced similar problems or can give me a hint where to look
for a solution?
Thanks for all your help in advance,


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