[Samba] Win XP profile problem...

Mike Cisar mlists at starmania.net
Thu Mar 3 04:27:15 GMT 2005

I'm hoping someone may have run across this issue before.  I have a client
running a relatively recent version of Samba (the exact version number
escapes me at the moment).  Windows XP client machines running against samba
as a PDC with roaming profiles active.  

They can log off just fine, and their profile gets successfully written to
the server... likewise when they log back on to the server the profile is
downloaded from the server just fine.  

*BUT* files on their desktop or favorites or whatever that they have deleted
from their system since the last logoff come back.  It seems as if although
the profile gets updated, files that have been deleted from the computer's
profile do not get deleted from the network copy of the profile and then get
returned to the computer on next login.  Files that are modified or added
seem to be fine, it's just the deleted ones that cause grief.

Has anyone seen this issue before?

>>>>> Mike <<<<

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