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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Mar 2 19:35:56 GMT 2005

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you should probably be looking at Samba 3.0.x rather than 2.2.x
for study.  Or use Samba 4 for research purposes.

nac kawathekar wrote:
| Hello all,
| I am a final year computer engineering student.
| As part of my BE project I am working around with Samba server
(version 2.2.7a)
| I wish to understand following implementation issues:
|  1. When and in what condition does a Samba server fork?

child smbd processes are forked per tcp session.  See

|  2. What is the significance of the connection_structure?

It represents a connection to a file or lanman printer service.

|  3. Why is a doubly linked list of instances of
| the connection_structure are maintained?

a single session may have issued multiple tcon requests
and there may have more than on active share connection.

|  4. While running in interactive mode,an error occurs
| 'registers not obtained,permission        denied',What does
| this error signify?

I don't see this error anywhere.

|  5. Can anyone tell me the way in which to
| understand the execution flow of samba server?

You'll have to read the source for this one.  That's
a little broad of a question for a short email response.

cheers, jerry

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