[Samba] implementation issues

nac kawathekar nascomp19 at rediffmail.com
Wed Mar 2 18:27:03 GMT 2005

Hello all,
I am a final year computer engineering student.
As part of my BE project I am working around with Samba server (version 2.2.7a)
I wish to understand following implementation issues:
 1. When and in what condition does a Samba server fork?
 2. What is the significance of the connection_structure? 
 3. Why is a doubly linked list of instances of the connection_structure are maintained?
 4. While running in interactive mode,an error occurs 'registers not obtained,permission        denied',What does this error signify?
 5. Can anyone tell me the way in which to understand the execution flow of samba server? 

Please help me out.
Thanking u, 

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