[Samba] Request to update slapd.conf and OpenLDAP info for Samba-Guide/happy.html

Gavin Henry ghenry at suretecsystems.com
Wed Mar 2 10:24:55 GMT 2005

Dear Team,

The OpenLDAP stuff on this page:


is not the preferred backend, i.e. ldbm, it really, really needs to be bdb.



"ldbm uses a neutral storage interface which in principle could wrap dbm,
ndbm, gdbm or sleepycat as underlying storage; however, only Sleepycat is
considered a reliable choice, so bdb offers more interesting features
(ACID). Eventually it will disappear."



"With back-ldbm, there is no fine-grain database locking. This means write
operations are serialized. And while multiple read operations may be
performed concurrently, they cannot be performed concurrently with any
write operation. Additionally, LDBM databases cannot be accessed by only
one program at a time (generally at the file level). (While one may be
able to bypass the locking mechanism, you will likely corrupt the database
(and/or obtain bogus information).)

With back-bdb, databases are locked on a page level, which means that
multiple threads (and processes) can operate on the databases
concurrently. In OpenLDAP 2.1.4 we lifted the restriction against using
the slap tools while slapd is running on back-bdb. You can perform online
backups using slapcat or BDB's db_dumputility without interrupting your
LDAP service. You still must not use slapadd or slapindex while slapd is
running (due to application-level caching in slapd(8))."

Point to highlight for disaster recovery:

"You can perform online backups using slapcat or BDB's db_dumputility
without interrupting your LDAP service."

can we update it for this and all the configuration that goes with using a
bdb backend?

I feel we are not doing the Samba community justice, if we are telling
them to use lbdm.


Kind Regards,

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