[Samba] listing group members (ADS)

halemb halemb at wp.pl
Wed Mar 2 11:09:21 GMT 2005


I have connected samba-3.0.11 to domain via ads. Samba using users from this 
domain (winbind). 

When I try getent group, it lists group members, but only when they have not 
set up primary group in this group. 
100 users have set up primary group (in windows) on 'domain users'
2 users have set up primary group on 'domain admins' and secondary group on 
'domain users'.
getent group|grep 'domain users' lists only this 2 users, which have set up 
secondary group on 'domain users'

It works good when samba is connected to windows using 'net rpc'. It lists all 
group members (102 users).

How I can list properly all group members from all groups when I'm cennected 
via ads?

best regards
halemb at wp.pl

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