[Samba] Optimise Samba for MYOB

Jackie Chan sgboat at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 1 07:30:05 GMT 2005

First a short background of the situation,

My work ran a MYOB file from a MS 2000 server.  They were getting problems 
such as the,

"cannot send messages to so-and-so.  blah blah blah..."

They were planning to upgrade to MS 2003 in an attempt to eradicate all 
error messages and remove the lag sometimes experienced when opening a large 

Since i am a linux fan i suggested giving samba 3.0.11 a try, i was 
convinced it would be an improvement.  After all Linux is the best right.

After installing samba 3.0.11 on fedora core 3 and getting everybody access 
to the MYOB file it is found that there are just as many or more of those 
error messages and the lag is as bad as ever.

Does anyone know of a way to optimise Samba to quicken access to the MYOB 
file and prevent those error messages.

Part of the smb.conf


        path = /home/shared
        writable = yes
        valid users = @office root
        force create mode = 666
        force create user = root
        force create group = office
        oplocks = false
        level2 oplocks = false

My boss is starting to get a bit impatient, even worse we will have to take 
on MS 2003 Server if the speed issues are not sorted out.



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