[Samba] Simple fix to horrible bug in Samba website CSS

Deryck Hodge deryck at samba.org
Thu Jun 30 17:13:12 GMT 2005

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Nick Urbanik wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 29, 2005 at 10:52:44AM -0500, Deryck Hodge wrote:
>>What are you trying to do, comment out the height?
> Yes, I'm just starting to get up to speed with CSS.

No problem.  If you haven't found this yet, here's a great resources for
getting up to speed on CSS:


And if you like specs...


>>I will put this on my todo list.  If you don't see a fix by the middle of
>>next week, feel free to email me personally about it.
> Hey, I trust you, I don't want to give you a hard time, thanks for the
> good work!

You're welcome.  Glad you like it. :-)

>>btw, I'm glad the bug didn't bother you so bad as to prevent you
>>from using the styles on your own website.
> Yes :-} That's how I found the cause of the problem (though I removed
> the height spec and modified a few other things :-) I hope you don't
> mind.  If you do, I'll remove your style.

It's walking a fine line to copy styles from another site so closely
without asking permission first.  I'm certainly happy for you to borrow
from the stylesheet, learn from it, etc.  (See the updated CSS for notes
about using and modifying the stylesheets on samba.org.)  Perhaps you could
use the CSS as a starting point and build your own look from that.

You aren't copying the samba.org look *exactly*, which is the only thing
prohibited without permission.  But you are awfully close. :-)

I'm glad you like the look. really, I am.  But try to add more of your own
touch, so it's not like a mini-samba.org. :-)

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