[Samba] Samba 3.0.14a problem: not able to see all files in a directory

Knut Hellebø Knut.Hellebo at nho.hydro.com
Thu Jun 30 14:53:31 GMT 2005


Samba 3.0.14a, running on Solaris 8 or Sgi IRIX 6.5.27.


1. User has a symlink on his homeshare to a directory, let's call it 
dir1, which is automounted to the samba server (tried both Solaris samba 
server and Sgi, same result).
2. In a subdirectory under dir1 there's another directory (dir2) which 
contains a file (filename.wrl).
3. When the user directs Windows Explorer to homeshare\dir1\dir2, 
filename.wrl is invisible. If I check on the samba server, the file on 
the automounted filesystem is present, and looks in perfect order. If 
Windows Explorer is pointed to another directory at the same level as 
dir2, other files having the same extension (.wrl), are accessible as 
would be expected. This has been verified on both Win2K and XP. The file 
is also owned by the user that tries to access the file, and he does not 
have any problems accessing/modifying the file on unix (permission 666, 
directory is 755). Thus, it does not seem to be a permission problem.
Also, "touch"ing a file in the same directory as filename.wrl, followed 
by a "Refresh" in Windows Explorer, will immediately list the touched the 
file, but the problemfile is still invisible.

Clues, anyone ?

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