FW: [Samba] Debian Samba 3.0.14a with ldap, recyle + little SETUP for samba + Ldap Part 2

Louis van Belle louis at van-belle.nl
Thu Jun 30 11:36:54 GMT 2005

Some extra things you also need to know

i have everything in /home/samba
but NOT the samba tdb files (/var/lib/samba) debian default

directory rights for this setup

/home/samba			Administrator:Domain Admins   775
/home/samba/afdelingen	Administrator:Domain Admins   775
/home/samba/profiles	Administrator:Domain Admins   777  ( user
directories wil get 700 and wil be created on fly ) 
/home/samba/printers	Administrator:Domain Admins   775
/home/samba/spool		Administrator:Domain Admins   777
/home/samba/skel		Administrator:Domain Admins   775

if you down know the rights set it like above with 775 to begin with.

i use kix scripts and NT4 Policy manager to manage my xp workstations.

i print through cups, but i use the windows drivers.
to add printers , http://yourip:631 for adding printers.
choose RAW printer
for point and print setup for xp.
browse with explorer to your server, you will see, 
Printers en fax's on Pdc, klik to enter.

!! YOU MUST LOGIN AS Administrator first.
Local on workstation or on domain , both work.

klik on a printer, and get the properties, klik CANCEL !!! VERY IMPORTANT,
else no point en print.

Now, go to advanced tab, there clik on new driver.

and you wil upload the driver for this printer.
setup your printer as you need.

for now,


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