[Samba] clearing password from cache after changing password via swa/smbpasswd

jdyke jdyke at azimapower.com
Thu Jun 30 00:46:56 GMT 2005

Once users have changed their Samba passwords using swat or smbpasswd, how can 
they force windows to drop the old password, so they can reauthenticate with the 
new one.  The always-works-fix is, of course, to reboot, but didn't know if 
there was a way to force this.

I've done some searching on this, but most words used to describe this issue 
point to dead ends.  If there is an existing FAQ a link would be much appreciated,

Thanks in advance

oh, using samba 3.010 on Freebsd 5.4, all XP clients.

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