[Samba] OT Windows policy question

Fidelino Badillo P. fidelino.badillo at sisa.com
Thu Jun 30 00:16:35 GMT 2005

 ask  someone to have knowledge in samba, since to manage to control or to apply policies of restrincion to the usuario of windows xp and 2000 from samba 3.

Since Like to create a profile or groups of policies applied to the different users, as, control not to access panel, not to be able to sail on the environment of network(net).

The users to the network(net), in case of windows xp and 2000, cannot for default change the pegarce just now ip, do not name of it machinates etc.. 
But is well-read much that with poliedit, but win does not serve ne xp, that with mcc, but I achieve to do that it works with samba, that editreg of linux but has not been finished, that kregedit but only it sees not also it does not generate anything, and cannot change. And nitrobit that it creates and generates, but not that to do in order that it me could generate something for samba. someone could have implemented something of some another form or with the Before mentioned?.

Agradeceria algun manual with example if they cannot explain to me or only an example not could help me. Thank you very much 


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