[Samba] symbolic link problem

Tobias Bluhm tobias.bluhm at philips.com
Wed Jun 29 12:39:10 GMT 2005

Jeremy wrote on 06/29/2005 05:38:11 AM:

>  Hi All,
>         I'm having some annoying problems with symbolic links. I'm not
>         certain they relate to samba but hopefully sone here can help
>         anyway.
>        I have a linux ( Mandrake 10.1 ) machine sharing various 
>        ( samba 3.0.7 ) with a network of linux ( also MDK 10.1 ) and 
>        machines.
>        Within the shared directories are a number of symbolic links to
>        files both inside and outside the shared directory ( follow 
>        and wide links are both set to yes )
>        accessing these directories from a windows client all is wellbut, 
>        I try to access them from Linux, the symbolic links do not work.
>        After an hour or two of confusion I realised that it is looking 
for the
>        linked directory on the client machine rather than the server.
>        So for example ,on the client, when in directory 
>        there is a symlink to a directory on server1 ( ln -s /home/fred 
fred ).
>        if I do 'cd fred' it fails because /home/fred does not exist on 
>        client.

You've described your problem right there - linux clients have no access 
to server:/home. If client:/home is empty and not used for local client 
storage and you deem server:/home is okay for everyone to access on the 
clients, nfs mount server:/home on client:/home.

What I've found to be easy on the users is to map the smb share to drive 
X:, then make an automount point /X on the linux boxes that mounts the 
same stuff. This way, "X" represents the same data to windows & linux 
users. Soft links & automount maps fill in any complicated directory 

toby bluhm
philips medical systems, cleveland ohio
tobias.bluhm at philips.com

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