[Samba] AD Domain Member: User Mapping w/out winbind ?

Dan Am samba at lonx.net
Wed Jun 29 07:39:23 GMT 2005

Hello everybody,
I have set up authentication for a Linux Host 
using MS SFU. Works fine:  "getent passwd" show my users, they can login..."

On the same host I want to set up Samba 3.0.9 as a domain member.
The question: 
Can I use the AD Controller as  "idmap_backend"  _directly_ , skipping the use 
of winbind ? 
The problem with using winbind is that users will show up twice in "getent 
passwd" and the parallel use of NFS becomes a problem, as files belong to the 
winbind user if created with Samba , and to the "SFU User" if created with 

I hope this can be understood. Let me know if you need more details


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