[Samba] [Homes] on two machines, possible?

Peter Huetmannsberger huetmann at site38.ping.at
Tue Jun 28 17:29:55 GMT 2005

On Mon, 13 Jun 2005, Paul Gienger wrote:

>> I have two locations, and I want all users to authenticate on Machine A.
>> Howver there are some users that are closer to machine B, and I would like
>> to be able to have the homes of those users on machine B rather than
>> machine A (they should authenticate on machine A anyway).
>> Is this possible without a mount of the users (those I want on machineB)
>> home directories on machineA.
> What is your backend? Have you tried using/manning the pdbedit command?

Sorry, I was gone for a while.

I did not specify anything as a backend, so I assume it is using 
smbpasswd for a backend. I have just read the manpage for 
pdbedit and a command like:

 	pdbedit -a -u testuser

Results in: could not create account to add new user testuser

This was done as root.

Any other commands to modify i.e the home with the -h flag did not change 
anything either.

What am I missing.

Thanks for your help.


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