[Samba] Creating a PDC

Jason Greene jgreene at angeluspress.org
Tue Jun 28 13:58:51 GMT 2005

I am working my way through "Samba-3 by Example". I have created all the 
simple samba servers with ease as I have done them in the past with 
trial and error... this book makes it easy now.

I'm stuck.

While on page 118 it says to not go further without validating.

Well, The server is there and when browsing the network I can see the 
Samba server.  When I try to connect it wants to authenticate.

I put in MY user ID and Password and it just asks for it again. If I put 
in a bad username it will fail and tell me the username and password 
conflict with and existing set of credentials. I don't have any mapped 
drives to this server.

Can some one assist me?

I have followed the book on everything except the name and location of 
the shares.


In Christ,

Jason Greene

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