[Samba] virtual server configuration issues

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Jun 28 13:54:39 GMT 2005

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Tim Harvey wrote:
> Jerry,
> You are the king!  This WAS the issue (that I have been 
> struggling with for over a year and always giving up on).

<best elvis impression>
	Thank ya, Thank ya very much!

> Now when I do a 'smbclient -L <virtualserver>' the %L 
> gets the correct value always:
> So, I suppose that all the examples and documentation I've 
> found on the net are not entirely correct in that they also need
> to specify 'smb port = 139' for it to work correctly with
> Win2K and later:
>   * http://us1.samba.org/samba/docs/using_samba/ch06.html

The docs were fine for Samba 2.2 which did not bind to port
445.  They're just outdated on this one issue is all.

> This is one of those obscure things that if you don't 
> understand all the inner workings of samba and its configuration
> options (and Win2K and beyond) I don't see how you would get
> it working.
> Is there any reason why 'smb ports = 139' should be the 
> default?  After all, samba is primarilly for interaction between
> unix and windows from what understand.

By default we want to behave like current windows releases
so we use both 139 and 445.  Simplier that way.

You could also achieve similar virtual host functionality
by using a multi-homed server (even virtual interfaces)
and the %i variable in smb.conf.

<elvis has left the building!>

cheers, jerry
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