[Samba] Pagode

Anahuac anahuac at anahuac.biz
Mon Jun 27 22:13:51 GMT 2005

Hi all,

This is my first message to this list. So let me introduce myself and my 
My name is Anahuac and I'm from Brazil, so please be patient with my 
poor english.
I'm working inthe last few months in a Web Based configuration tool to 
Samba. I called it Pagode.
In Brazil Pagode is a kind of variation of the Samba music, so it's 
sound nice to me.

Pagode has internacionalization done, and finally after some time it is 
translated to English, Spanish and ( of course ) do Portuguese.

Pagode is a very easy tool to add, remove and configure sharings 
permisions and Samba users. You can see who is conected in the server 
and find out the station IP address, workstation name and many other 

Pagode allow to browse in a SMB network, seeing the workstations shares 
and if the connectede user has permition is possible send files to any 
workstation, download files from there. Delete, rename and create 
directories and files is possible to. Can you imagine have access to all 
your LAN using a very beatiful and easy web interface? [1]

Of course Pagode is under GPL and can bee freely downloades.[2]
This is a new project, so if you want to help in any way, contact us. [3]

Well my problem with pagode is how to discover exactly what is the 
authentication method is used by Samba.
In Saba version 3 an beyond, we have that variable called "passdb 
backend", and the command "smbd -b" show the variable SMB_PASSWD_FILE 
defined in the compilation.
This two options are not 100% accurated. The first becouse in too many 
cases this option dont must exist to Samba works well. The seccond 
becouse when the option "passdb backend" is defined, then it give us a 
wrong value.

Some one knows any command that shows what is the authentication way 
used in a Samba Server in runtime?
Something like the "smbd - b" that show's it?



[1] - Pagode Screenshots: http://fotos.anahuac.biz/album41
[2] - Pagode can be downloaded from here: 
[3] - anahuac at anahuac.biz

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