[Samba] unknown auth type 9

Don Watson dwwatson at us.ibm.com
Mon Jun 27 09:20:35 GMT 2005


I have the dreaded "unknown auth type 9 requested" error while trying to join 
my samba domain from Windows2003.  This is followed by "Error: modifications 
require authentication at /usr/local/sbin//smbldap_tools.pm" while attempting 
to add the machine user to the ldap database.

In the archives I have found that "unknown auth type" was a known problem 
which should have been fixed in 3.0.14a.  I am running 3.0.15pre2 on SLES9.  
The client is running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition, with 
Service Pack 1.

Is it possible I have something misconfigured (unconfigured?) in smb.conf?
Don Watson

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