[Samba] CIFS & Gigabit Eth - 35MB/sec limit

Iap, Singuan iap_yeh at thecus.com
Fri Jun 24 16:56:30 GMT 2005

I have had played with some similar issue before.
I also experienced the same limitation.

Then, I tried to copy the same large file with 2 smaba connections
One started from position 0, the other started from the middle and up to the
last bytes.
(It's easy to do that by mounting, opening, seeking, reading, writing.)
The utilization of network bandwidth up to 50%.

I also tried to build 3 connections, and make the utilization up to 75%.
But for 4 connections or above, the utilization can not go up any more (even

Iap Singuan


Hi honorable people!

In self-education purposes only, I would like to ask is 35 Mbytes/sec
bandwidth limitation of SMB/CIFS in Gigabit applications?

I've try read large file (45GB) from server to client's dev/nul and don't
get bandwidth greater than specified...

But, using FTP or NFS I get REAL stable read speed at 80 MB/sec!
Same picture in synthetic TCP tests.

Why while SMB in use network utilization oscillate around 25% and nothing
Is that mean that in 10GbE we get max utilization in 2-5%?

I tested various combination SAMBA server/client, MS server/client - all for

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