[Samba] How to I change server=[Samba 3.04.14a-2] to somethin gelse?

Geoff Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Fri Jun 24 00:13:38 GMT 2005

AWC Lists wrote:
> Paul Gienger wrote:

>> The real reason I bothered to reply though, is that the windows
>> clients will hold on to that server string for a LOOOOONG time, like
>> forever.  When I took over sysadmin here, the server's comment was
>> 'samba mania' running like 2.2.0 or something.  A year later, I had
>> gone up to something in the range of 2.2.8a and re-commented the
>> server to something like 'Fargo server', but every machine that
>> hadn't 
>> been replaced or rebuilt still had "ntapps on samba
>> mainia(fgoserv)(N:)" or whatever the format of that line is, as
>> their drive mappings. 
> I'll second that.  I just tried connecting to the server in question
> with a machine that had never connected to the samba server yet. 
> When I browse the shares and such, the server name is correctly
> listed when browsing as ROI Fileserver (ie:  server string = ROI
> Fileserver) even when browsing shares.    

John T told me that this is a windows issue.  You have to delete the
resource list from the network neighbourhood on each and every box with old
server descritpions, to get rid of all old descriptions.

Regards Geoff Scott

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