[Samba] Printers: Fedora + WinXPHome

Marilyn Justman marilyn at mjustman.com
Thu Jun 23 19:41:30 GMT 2005

I have a network with 1 Linux box (host), 2 Win98 machines, and 1 WinXPHome machine. There is a Deskjet attached to the Linux box, and an HPLJ Postscript attached to one of the PCs.

Until recently I was running RH7.1 with Samba 2.x and all computers could print to both printers (which, obviously, were shared).

I have recently rebuilt the LInux box, and in the process installed Fedora, with Samba 3.

Without any changes to the Win98 boxes, both of them succeed in finding and printing to both printers JUST FINE.

But the XP Home box now has the following problems:
1-It can "see", but can't connect to the network printer (attached to the Linux box). AT ALL.
2-It finds the HPLJ fine, and prints to it as a PCL printer just fine, but when it sends Postscript (an alternative printer "definition"), it fails to send the postscript prolog, hence printer spews out postscript code.

The latter problem is probably beyond the scope of this group (tbo I'd appreciate any insights anyone might happen to have), but the network printer problem is squarely here.

What is there in Samba 3 that requires new/different settings in WinXP than Samba 2 did?

Additional, maybe useful info:
-my smb.conf has no "os" line, nor any "wins" line.
-the XP machine has shown up on some screen as "master browser"

Many thanks.


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