[Samba] CIFS & Gigabit Eth - 35MB/sec limit

SnowBarsik SnowBarsik at list.ru
Thu Jun 23 19:53:19 GMT 2005

Hi honorable people!

In self-education purposes only, I would like to ask is 35 Mbytes/sec
bandwidth limitation of SMB/CIFS in Gigabit applications?

I've try read large file (45GB) from server to client's dev/nul and don't
get bandwidth greater than specified...

But, using FTP or NFS I get REAL stable read speed at 80 MB/sec!
Same picture in synthetic TCP tests.

Why while SMB in use network utilization oscillate around 25% and nothing
Is that mean that in 10GbE we get max utilization in 2-5%?

I tested various combination SAMBA server/client, MS server/client - all for

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